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Alora Lux vs Ivy Rain

When a new girl joins the MWC roster, like the super sexy Alora Lux, you expect them to show a fair amount of respect when they come up against established stars.

But Alora clearly didn’t get the memo when she faced off against the beautiful Ivy Rain in the MWC Mats of Doom Room for this battle of the curvy babes!

As soon as the action started, Alora grabbed Ivy’s ponytail and pulled it hard in an attempt to gain control - a cheeky but significant signal of intent if ever there was one!

But Ivy is not the sort of girl to just take that and if Alora wanted to fight dirty, she found an opponent more than willing to dish it right back out to her!

Despite her relatively short wrestling career to date, Ivy has come along very nicely and is getting stronger and more skilled with every match.

But she was up against a strong and determined girl in Alora and that gave us the perfect recipe for one hell of a match. This was borne out as they rolled around trying to get the advantage on one another in the early stages.

And one thing’s for sure, these two are strong and stubborn enough to resist giving in easily, even when they find themselves in painful holds!

They get each other in body scissors, breast smothers, a variety of pins, head locks, head scissors, bear hugs and more than a few combination holds.

There are plenty of tap outs, plenty of cries of pain and anguish and plenty of quality fighting (and verbals!) between the pair as they fight hard and long looking for victory. And for an added bonus, they struggle to keep their ample assets in their skimpy outfits!

By the end though, there is a clear winner and doesn’t she just love it!

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