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Alora Lux vs Galya

There was certainly no shortage of confidence or hotness on show when we paired up Alora Lux and Galya to fight with one another on Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

Galya is, of course, the Bulgarian beauty who has carved out a big reputation through some stellar performances in her array of matches while sexy Alora is part of the new Brit pack generation working up a storm in battle!

And within seconds of them locking horns, the advantage shifts from one fighter to the other and we realise we have set up a rather delicious contest for everyone to enjoy!

The skills and determination are impressive right from the get go and when they first submission comes via a pin, it comes reluctantly from the one conceding and after some serious effort from the one who earned it.

But if the girl who went in front thought that was a sign of things to come, she was given a sharp and painful reality check as her opponent evened the scores with a great ankle lock! Game well and truly on!

And the spark was well and truly lit as both Alora and Galya went at it like wildcats from that moment on, each desperate to get the better of the other.

There were grapevine pins, arm bars, body scissors, head locks, expert take downs, head scissors, tests of strength and combination holds - many of which brought the craved for success!

Galya and Alora are obviously easy on the eye in terms of their stunning looks but also in terms of their stunning wrestling skills - we couldn’t take our eyes off this one for a second!

Both enjoyed their successes along the way as they fought hard right to the end. There was a winner but you could tell both enjoyed this one!

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