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Alora Lux vs Beth Bennett

What can be more exciting that seeing two talented and curvy beauties wrestling around on the MWC mats in a steamy battle?

We’ve been racking our brains but we can’t think of anything! And it seems both Beth and Alora are just as excited about going at it as the rest of us - especially Alora who bounces around like the Duracell Bunny on speed at the start of this one.

But there is the serious matter of the contest too and it is clear both of these lovely ladies are keen to assert their authority over one another.

They meet in a bear hug and there it seems like they are well matched as they struggle before taking the action down to the mats.

And my word, are Alora and Beth are super strong! First one is on top and then the other with each fighting hard to resist some of the painful looking moves that would have finished lesser wrestlers!

There are pins, head scissors, head locks, scissors, grapevines, ankle locks, leg locks, arm bars and even slaps on bums! We winced as we watched but both of these gritted their teeth and fought their way out of them.

You could see the character and determination etched on their gorgeous faces when they were trying to inflict the pain or trying to resist it.

Such was the intensity of the battle, there were even wardrobe malfunctions along the way that weren’t noticed by either of the warriors!

Their sexy bodies were glistening in sweat and there were deep breaths all over the shops and when the submissions did come, they weren’t given away easily.

Both Alora and Beth were outstanding and treated us to a real classic and red hot must have match. There was a winner by the end and she certainly enjoyed it!

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