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Alora Lux vs Axel

It is always exciting to introduce a beautiful badass babe to the scene and that is exactly what we at MWC have done once again with the phenomenal Alora Lux.

Not only does she look the part, this model has a passion for wrestling and she is clearly here to take on all comers!

But we are not known for going soft so she finds herself up against the gorgeous tough cookie that is Axel, who continues to shine and improve for us with each passing match.

And Alora finds out first hand just how good she is when they face off in the Mats of Doom Room, with Axel immediately getting to work on her with a head lock and body scissor combination.

Alora acknowledges her rival’s strength but shows her own power by breaking out of a move many others have tapped out to within seconds and turning the tables on her opponent!