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Alora Lux Vanquished

Having bulldozed her way through the MWC roster and left a trail of broken bodies in her wake, Madame Vanquish is always happy to be served up fresh meat.

The dangerous dominant wrestler never misses an opportunity to destroy her opponents and she is delighted to find herself facing off on the mats with MWC new girl Alora Lux.

Alora, remarkably, is not intimidated and even greets her imposing rival with a sarcastic “So, you’re the famous Vanquish”, her voice full of disdain. Oh, the foolishness of youth!

Naturally, Madame Vanquish isn’t impressed. Even less so when Alora Lux springs a “surprise” attack on her to try and take her down.

Despite Alora’s best efforts, she soon discovers why even some of the strongest and most experienced wrestlers on the roster still tremble at the very thought of this dominatrix!

Madame Vanquish effortlessly starts going through her repertoire and we are soon reaching for the ear plugs as Alora screams the venue down from the pain she is suffering.

It’s hard to put into words how excruciatingly painful it is when Madame Vanquish locks on her body scissors or her head lock or her ankle lock or her head scissor or her figure fours or her bear hugs.

But the cries of agony from Alora Lux say way more than any amount of words could as she experiences all these holds and more as remorseless Madame Vanquish takes her apart with ease.

When Alora does try to fight back, she is met with the morale-sapping sarcastic laugh and mockery that Madame Vanquish likes to display. She maims with words as well as actions!

This is yet another example of devastating destruction by Madame Vanquish who enjoys her celebration after putting Alora out and posing over her prone body!

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