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Alice Mayflower v Beth Bennett

Two curvy beauties with an abundance of wrestling skills clashing on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats? Oh yes please!

As soon as we made this match, we couldn’t wait to see Alice Mayflower and Beth Bennett get it on against each other and we were most certainly not let down once they did.

And such was the eagerness of both to get it on, there were soon rolling around and fighting hard on the mats - so much so that they needed to take an impromptu break after barely a minute as one of them had a wardrobe malfunction which set her immense assets free!

But that certainly didn’t stop the momentum as, once the necessary adjustments were made, the two immediately went at each other with the same gusto they had greeted each other with at the start.

Alice might have a size advantage but Beth is strong and determined and that made for a wild and exciting match as they battled all over trying to exert their authority over one another.

And after a monumental effort and some serious battling, the first submission was finally earned with an impressive arm bar!

Much to our delight, the thrills and spills (of the wrestling kind, not just the wardrobe malfunctions!) didn’t stop there and the two continued to fight hard as they clearly both wanted a hugely impressive win to boast about!

We saw body scissors, head locks, grapevine pins, arm bars, bear hugs and combination holds as Alice and Beth gave it their absolute all from start to finish.

Despite huge efforts from both of these warriors, one of the beauties did start amassing a pile of submissions in her favour - even though the fighting remained hard and intense all throughout due to the incredible efforts of both Alice and Beth!

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