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Alice Mayflower Humiliates Bert - Rematch

Oh Bert! Not content with the beating her suffered at the hands of awesome Alice Mayflower, he’s back to take her on again with revenge in his eyes!

Alice is just standing in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain, going through her exercises and minding her own business, when our hero leaps over the ropes with the confidence of a champion fighter.

One person who isn’t impressed is Alice herself, who just laughs at him and tells him exactly how this is going to go down - a prophecy that comes true, sadly for Bert!

He instantly attacks and gives it all he’s got trying to get an advantage but is hopelessly unsuccessful as Alice just laughs at his efforts before trapping him in a head lock and making him tap.

Suddenly she is grabbing him by his pony tail and dragging him around the ring as she plots the next form of punishment he is going to suffer, Bert’s revenge mission already in tatters!

Alice isn’t playing around though, despite the constant giggles, and she is soon racking up the tap outs with alarming ease and regularity!

She skilfully uses the ropes to make him submit, traps him in head scissors, gives him excruciating arm bars, smothers him with her large breasts and even gives him a stink face while he is trapped up against a corner turnbuckle.

To be fair to Bert, he does his best to mount attacks of his own but they prove to be futile as Alice simply turns the tables on him and makes him suffer even more.

In fact, the only serious challenge she faces in this match is trying to keep her assets safely tucked away in her bra!

Alice finishes him off in the same vicious fashion she took him apart all match and enjoys celebrating over his battered body!

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