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Alice Mayflower Dominates Bert

We have to feel a little sorry for poor Bert. He steps up onto the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats with so much confidence and so many high hopes that he can show off his skills and score a memorable victory.

But, every single time without fail, he comes up against a powerful, talented and beautiful woman who effortlessly puts him in his place with ease!

The delightful Alice Mayflower is the latest to gleefully accept the “challenge” of throwing Bert around like a rag doll and twisting him up like a pretzel.

They waste little time in getting it going after the pre-match handshake and, sure enough, Alice takes down Bert with little to no effort before trapping him in a cross body pin which has him moaning and struggling to get out of.

It’s certainly a sign of things to come as Alice quickly executes a range of different moves and holds to get the desired tap outs from an increasingly desperate Bert.

Not for the first time in Monica’s Wrestling Centre, Bert finds he is being used to mop the mats with and seems to have nothing in the way of his own attacks or even as a solid defence to try to stem the tide that is Hurricane Alice!

She gets him with crushing head and body scissors, cross body pins, breast smothers, leg locks and combination holds which have Bert in all sorts of trouble. Her running commentary along the way only adds insult to injury!

He does his best to go on the offensive but his attempt at an attack is easily thwarted and he is instantly back in trouble as Alice turns the tables with little effort!

Bert finds himself totally overwhelmed and destroyed by the end of this and Alice certainly enjoys pointing this out as she celebrates!

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1 Comment

Adrian Smoother
Adrian Smoother
Apr 22, 2023

I have a feeling that Bert is going weaker and weaker with the years passing by. I still remember his lively wrestle with super female wrestlers such as Natalia, Jade or Morgana, to name just a few.

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