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Alexis Luna vs Dominita

Awesome Alexis Luna is a confident, beautiful and talented young wrestler who isn't the sort to shirk any challenge that comes her way.

Many women would be intimidated and more than a little apprehensive in facing an imposing powerhouse such as Dominita in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain, but Alexis shows total confidence and no fear as they square off.

Dominita isn’t impressed - especially with the skimpy outfit her rival has chosen to wear for this encounter and she makes her feelings known before getting down to business.

And get down to business is what she does as she wastes little time in showing Alexis Luna that she will need more than her impressive muscles and physique to take down the dominatrix!

Alexis is keen and determined but is soon made to suffer as Dominita uses her size and power to great effect to make her mark.

The submissions start to come with Alexis having to tap out as a result of a vicious arm bar and a punishing Boston crab which will probably leave her with backache for days to come!

All of her bravado and confidence prior to the match seeps away as Dominita not only punishes her physically but taunts her verbally to add insults to the injuries she is inflicting.

To make things even worse, whenever Alexis does go on the attack and tries to lock in a move, she gets swotted away like an annoying fly.

Dominita executes head locks, ankle locks, brutal takedowns, elbows to the face, arm bars and combination holds that do real damage and she is relentless with it from start to finish.

There aren’t many women who will be able to throw strong Alexis Luna around in the coming months and years…but then, there aren’t many women around quite like Dominita!

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