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Alexis Destroys Rex - Rematch

You’d have to be pretty stupid to willingly go back and challenge an athlete as strong and talented as Alexis to a wrestling match so soon after she battered you, right?

Well, step forward and take a bow Rex because you fit that bill! There was the beauty doing her thing in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain when she was surprised to find him climbing through the ropes ready for his big rematch!

He must have had high hopes because he was showing all the confidence in the world. That confidence lasted about two seconds into the match as Alexis caught him between her super strong arms in a head lock!

When she got him down to the canvas it was time to work him over and work him over she most certainly did. Rex did his best to resist and even tried to give out some rather defiant verbals as he struggled.

But we all knew the road Alexis was taking him down and it didn’t take much more of an effort for her to start collecting desperate submissions from the hapless victim.

To add insult to injury, Alexis kept on talking throughout his ordeal which seemed to make everything far more menacing and harder to take for him.

Rex found himself struggling in body scissors, arm bars, figure four locks, breast smothers, head scissors, grapevine pins, face sits and combination holds which resulted in him moaning and groaning pretty much throughout!

Alexis, of course, was throughly enjoying herself as she got to display her best skills effortlessly while looking resplendent as she did it!

To no great surprise, it was a complete demolition job undertaken by beautiful Alexis and she sure made him know about it. She most certainly enjoyed celebrating over his floundering battered body at the end!

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