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Alexis Destroys Rex

Rex is a man in good shape and looks like he can handle himself when he appears on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats for this clash with awesome Alexis.

He greets her with a polite and respectful handshake and has a look of someone who can back up his confidence when it comes to the actual action of a match.

That lasts about a nano-second when he foolishly leaves himself wide open to getting trapped in a head lock between the powerful Alexis’ arm - she doesn’t need a second invitation to take advantage!

She can feel he is going to tap out in the first few seconds of their match and he dutifully obliges with a desperate submission before his face turned completely red from the strain!

He momentarily seems relieved but he finds that Alexis isn’t as sweet as she looks, immediately jumping back on him to secure a crushing breast smother on his already beleaguered looking face!

And this really does give us an early insight into how this ‘match’ is going to pan out - the dominant beauty taking apart the once proud male warrior who was certain he was going to win this battle of the sexes.

As well as giving him a vicious running commentary along the way, she makes him suffer with body scissors, breast smothers, school girl pins, head scissors, face sitting, cross body pins and combination holds.

Rex might share his name with a badass dinosaur but he certainly wasn’t fighting like one - he couldn’t lay a glove on the relentless powerhouse Alexis!

She, on the other hand, was having a fabulous time going through her array of moves to make him suffer in as many different ways as possible!

The ending is as brutal as the rest of the fight and Alexis is not shy about showing off her domination over Rex’s prone body!

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