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Alexia vs Eva Ray

Well, this one had us licking our lips in anticipation as soon as we’d decided to pair the beauties that are Alexia and Eva Ray off against one another!

Exciting Eva Ray has been one of MWC’s break out stars in recent times while awesome Alexia - relatively new to the studio - was looking to further enhance her reputation against one of her peers.

Although little Eva was giving away some size advantage to her rival, we knew she wouldn’t let that get in her way and she immediately proved it by attacking Alexia, leaping up to wrap her legs around her torso before taking her down whilst applying the body scissors!

That was a little pre-cursor to the thrilling battle that was to ensue as both women fought hard in a bid to exert their dominance on one another as they went all out for victory.

We were treated to some outstanding and red hot wrestling as the two found themselves fairly evenly matched in some ways.

Both ladies applied body scissors, head locks, face sits, schoolgirl pins and sometimes combination moves as they looked to secure tap outs in their favour.

The studio air was filled with their grunts and groans and moans as they showed willing and determination to fight hard, each earning submissions along the way.

It was obvious that both Alexia and Eva Ray were enjoying the hard fought battle too and they needed no encouragement for getting to grips with each other following the breaks after submissions!

They fought right to the end and only stopped when Monica (sadly!) called time on the great match! There was a clear winner by the end and she certainly looked delighted as she posed to mark her hard-earned victory!

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