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Alexia Vanquished

The list of girls on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster who have been chewed up and spat out by dominant dominatrix Madame Vanquish gets longer and longer.

And sadly, for all those wrestlers signed up to MWC, the remorseless powerhouse is showing absolutely no signs of getting bored of destroying all that comes before her on the mats.

Beautiful Alexia is the latest lamb to the slaughter who is sent to try to stop this seemingly never-ending string of victories that the mistress has enjoyed over the girls.

The signs are not good from the start with Madame Vanquish, sensing a little apprehension and nervousness from her opponent, inviting Alexia to have a free shot at her first.

Alexia duly obliges but the dominatrix is unmoved and merely laughs at her feeble efforts before getting to work herself - taking the smaller girl down to the mats where she began twisting her up and delivering lessons in pain.

Despite Alexia’s best efforts, Madame Vanquish has her squirming and struggling in a range of punishing and excruciating looking moves.

These include headlocks, arm bars, crushing bear hugs, Boston crabs, chokes, head scissors and body scissors which make us wince.

Alexia is clearly suffering and, unfortunately, she’s up against someone who thinks the anguished sounds of her victims is music to her ears.

The taunts by Madame Vanquish are almost as painful as her moves herself as she looks to break Alexia mentally as well as physically in this one-sided beatdown.

Unsurprisingly, Alexia is unable to mount any meaningful offence of her own and is left just desperately trying to survive the onslaught.

By the end, she is well and truly destroyed while Madame Vanquish enjoys another victory pose celebrating another impressive win. Who can stop her?!

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