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Monica vs Toro - pro match

Pro wrestler Toro is impressed with Monica’s set up. He’s heard a lot about her, seen her on the mats and is a fan of her pro-wrestling ring.

So, it seems inevitable that they would one day don the leotard, tights and wrestling boots and clash.

On paper, Toro would appear to have the advantage as he is the pro-wrestling specialist. But Monica is a winner and is determined to give it a good go.

Indeed, Toro is immediately given a taste of Monica’s attitude as she starts pushing him around!

“C’mon big man!” she shouts at him as she takes him down to the ground and starts to work him over.

Toro seems surprised at this early onslaught but soon gets his bearings and starts to go on the attack himself and show Monica exactly what she is dealing with.

And he is relentless as he pounds his elbow and forearm on Monica’s back before working her over with leg and chin locks as well as giving her back a good stretch by pulling her arms right back.

Monica is a proud warrior though and refuses to submit and this prompts Toro to step up his efforts and attacks on her.

But, while he is applying pressure via an angel lock on her, a resourceful Monica notices his ankles are exposed and she performs the same move on him - making Toro scream in pain!

They continue to fight all over the ring and it’s back and forth making it difficult to predict who will come out on top.

Victory comes with an impressive combo move but the loser is less than impressed and attacks the winner post match!

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