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Madame Curie v Kassidy - Gi feet match

Both of these two amazing amazons were on the incredible line-up of Monica’s last live show of 2019 but did not go up against one another.

So we at MWC were keen to rectify that by pitting German beauty Madame Curie against English stunner Kassidy and added a little twist to proceedings by making this a gi feet match!

They are both incredibly strong and exceptionally skilled so we were truly licking our lips in anticipation as they squared up on the mats ready to fight.

Kassidy has an obvious height advantage but Madame Curie is not the type of girl to be intimidated by such things and as soon as they locked up, you could see this would be one humdinger of a battle.

They fought hard and gave it their all looking for the first submission and the initiative went back and forth in a truly exciting battle before eventually Madame Curie was able to make Kassidy submit.

But Kassidy is one hell of a gladiator and it was really no surprise at all to see her immediately fight back and even the scores, utilising her foot to devastating effect.

And that truly set the scene for the rest of the match with hard, exciting fighting and resolute defence and determination ensuring that neither would give in easily.

Every time it looked like one of the girls was on top, the other would fight hard and turn the tables on her opponent - it was edge of the seat action throughout.

The skills and power were breathtaking and both Madame Curie and Kassidy deserve credit for their stamina and phenomenal talent for the show.

The submissions were traded between the two ladies and it was tight all the way to the end. But who won? You’ll have to download this classic to find out!

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