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Gia the Giant dominates little Dave - rematch

The old saying goes: if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Sadly for Little Dave, he heeded that old saying and decided to seek “revenge” against the awesome Gia the Giant.

We’ve never seen his revenge missions reap any rewards but given that the gorgeous Canadian annihilated him last time they met, we are shocked he even turned up to this one!

It’s a given that she is way bigger, way stronger and far more talented than he is. And to hammer this point, we join her in the ring, showing off her incredible muscles and looking fabulous in her bikini.

Gia is soon interrupted by the plucky Chicken Boy, wearing his “lucky” Macho Man pants and all ready to rumble, declaring her lucky first time around.

Once Gia is finished laughing it is time for her to ram his bold predictions back down his throat and she takes him down and starts her second demolition job over him.

Little Dave is reeling almost from the first second and it isn’t long before he is squealing in pain after being caught in a vicious grapevine pin.

Not only is Gia adept at breaking men physically, she also knows how to do it verbally and her trash talking must have hurt her little foe almost as much as the beatdown she was having fun dishing out!

And boy does she punish him. The submissions come thick and fast as Gia goes to town using all her moves. These include crushing body scissors, excruciating head locks and chokes, smothering face sits, devastating punches, painful reverse head scissors and combinations of many of those which result in even more pain for Little Dave!

This is a totally relentless and remorseless destruction that sees Gia leave “pathetic” Little Dave sprawled out cold on the mats at the end…again!

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