Beth Bennett vs Princess Nikki Sexy Bikini Wrestling

This is a battle of the beautiful blonde babes as the exquisite Eastern European Nikki takes on English Rose Beth on the MWC mats.

Nikki has the experience and skills behind her but model Beth has power and strength and a size advantage that made this a mouth-watering prospect before they’d even stepped up.

And it’s clear that both are very keen on getting their hands on each other as they square up and shake hands before getting down to the action.

It isn’t long before they are battling it out and rolling around on the mats trying to get an advantage on one another with moans and groans coming from pleasure as much as pain!

They trades a variety of moves including Boston crabs, bear hugs, leg scissors and head locks as they fight to get an advantage over the other.

The contest continues to hot up as both try to asset their authority over the other but end up thwarted because of the skills and determination. And boy, are they enjoying themselves - locking up and clearly having a good time demonstrating their talent on one another.

The exciting action continues with Beth and Nikki talking and taunting each other throughout whenever they are on top and some impressive defensive work by both to get out of the dangerous situations they find themselves in.

And all this means it takes sometime before the first submission is earned, one girl reluctantly tapping out - much to the joy of her delighted opponent!

This paves the way for more submissions for both girls of course as they go through their repertoire to be successful - featuring breast smothers, head scissors, head locks and body scissors.

By the end of the match, there is one clear winner but judging by their sensual reaction to each other at the end, we think neither Nikki nor Beth felt they’d lost anything!

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