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Lina v Kassidy - GI Feet

Two absolute legends of the scene don their Gi gear and get to grips with one another on the MWC mats in a Grade A classic fight!

Beautiful Lina and gorgeous Kassidy are no strangers to each other but we knew that every time they face off, we are treated to an outstanding contest full of great skills, strength and thrilling action.

And sure enough, this was no different as they wasted little or no time in starting the battle once the requisite pre-match niceties were done and dusted with.

Obviously, the Amazonian Kassidy has a height advantage over her Swedish rival but Lina is used to taking on bigger opponents and making sure they fall hard!

A lightning quick take down proved this point as the fight grew more intense by the second with both women desperately trying to secure an advantage over the other.

We didn’t have to wait too long for the submissions to start flowing with Lina making Kassidy tap out in pain to her body scissor and Kassidy returning the complement with a vicious arm bar and foot in the neck combination that certainly made Lina squirm!

The quality was as high as you’d expect from ladies of this calibre and those early submissions only served to heat things up very nicely indeed!

As well as some incredible offensive action, what was also impressive was how both Lina and Kassidy were able to handle some serious punishment as they tried to fight out of desperately painful situations!

But that’s not to say the submissions didn’t keep on flowing as the moves got more and more intense and brutal!

By the end of this hellacious battle, there were two warriors who had given their absolute all in a truly magnificent fight. This is one not to be missed for sure!

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