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Gia the Giant squashes Ivy Rain

In the short time she has been in the wrestling scene, beautiful English rose Ivy Rain has already made a bit of a splash.

But she couldn’t possibly have been prepared for the challenge she faced on the MWC mats when she was confronted by gorgeous Gia the Giant who was out looking for fresh face to beat up and dominate!

And the Canadian amazon wasted no time in showing Ivy just exactly what she had gotten herself into when she grabbed her in a crushing body scissor before taking her down to the floor.

The groans of pain coming from Ivy as Gia showed her absolutely no mercy whatsoever told you just how much pain she was in almost as soon as the Giant had her trapped in one of her destructive schoolgirl pins!

But if she thought that was bad enough, Ivy was in for an extremely painful shock as Gia had clearly not even warmed up yet and was ready to go through her full range of punishing weapons to put the newbie in her place.

Ivy’s ordeal featured a range of bone-crushing moves from amazon which left us wincing as we watched from the sidelines!

They included eye-watering head scissors, cross body pins with Gia using her full weight to full advantage, effortless lifting and carrying (ending with throw down to the mats!) and head locks that had Ivy struggling to breathe.

Throughout her whole ordeal, Ivy cried out in pain, squealed, moaned and groaned as she tried to hang on in there and survive the brutality.

But Gia simply wasn’t in the mood to let her survive and the attacks continued constantly with the submissions flowing like water.

Mercifully, the end finally arrived for Ivy and Gia certainly enjoyed a well-deserved victory over her foe’s battered body at the end!

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