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Stella dominates & destroys little Dave - rematch

There is nothing like a dominating win to give you confidence. And the way Stella destroyed Chicken Boy Dave on the MWC mats when they last met has given the beautiful babe extreme confidence.

Dave bravely tries to claim she was lucky last time but that gets the short shrift it deserves from Stella who calmly tells him she was just too strong for him.

She taunts him further by turning her back on him and giving him an opportunity to attack and get an advantage right from the off.

Chicken Boy can’t resist and tries his level best to take advantage but Stella dismisses his attempt and instead takes control which very much sets the tone for the rest of the match!

It is apparent that nothing has changed in the time between this battle in Monica’s Ring of Pain and their previous encounter. If anything, Stella looks hungrier and more determined to make him suffer.

Of course, that’s not to say she doesn’t play around with him and have her fun at his frustrated expense, of course!

He is made to suffer in a variety of ways from start to finish as Stella locks in body scissors, head scissors, schoolgirl pins, grapevines and even by bouncing up and down on his little chest.

At times she throws Chicken Boy about the ring as if he is nothing more than a discarded little rag doll. Her desire to humiliate him is strong throughout - none more so than when he is made to kiss his own knee after being twisted up like a pretzel!

There was never going to be any other result than a complete dominating win for the curvy beauty Stella. As for Chicken Boy Dave, well he is in no illusion about his status when she declares that he is her little bitch!

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