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Jade vs Lina in Tube Sox

Gorgeous Jade is a well-established favourite on the MWC roster these days and so this is a fabulous glimpse into her younger days with us when she takes on blonde beauty Lina!

And the fact that she is taking on the tough and skilful Lina shows that Jade has always been fearless when it comes to challenges she faces on our mats!

Both ladies are dressed in bikinis and rather snazzy blue socks and they waste little time getting straight into the grappling.

The size each other up for a few seconds and then Jade gets to work, quickly trapping Lina in a body scissor and head lock combo.

Lina isn’t the sort of woman who just rolls over at the first sign of trouble and does her upmost to get out of the predicament. But Jade is too determined to let her advantage slip and she earns the first submission of the match.

Of course, the Swedish scrapper isn’t going to take that lying down and immediately goes after her younger rival and locks on what is clearly a painful head scissor. Jade’s groans fill the air but the brunette is tenacious and fights her way out of it!

They battle on and roll around the mats, both ladies knowing they are in for one hell of struggle in order to secure victory!

But Lina’s experience and skill sees her finally strike back with a vicious arm lock which has Jade wincing and taping out in obvious pain. Scores level and the game is well and truly on!

They continue to grapple in exciting fashion with both ladies showing off all that they’ve got. With much effort, further submissions are traded via head scissors and figure four locks.

For the most part, it’s not obvious who is going to win this incredible encounter but eventually there is a clear winner and she makes her opponent admit loud and clear (even over some drilling going on outside!) that she has well and truly lost! A great match up!

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