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Gia the Giant lifts and carries Galya

Eastern European hottie Galya is a talented wrestler and she certainly isn’t tiny and the sort who can be thrown around like a rag doll.

But when she comes face to face with the amazon force that is Gia the Giant, she is completely dwarfed by the Canadian’s incredible size advantage over her!

Gia is practically licking her lips in anticipation and is clearly overjoyed at the cute girl she has in front of her and gets straight to work in demonstrating the difference in size and strength.

She grabs her and lifts her off the ground, leaving a shocked Galya kicking her dangling feet in the air trying to wriggle free from the vice like grip she finds herself in.

If Galya thought that was the worst of it, she’s in for a shock as incredible Gia hoists her up in a fireman lift and starts parading her around the venue as if she is in a boxing ring girl holding up a card to tell the crowd what round it is!

As well as showing off her power, Gia is keen to use Galya as weights in an impromptu workout session on the mats!

Galya realises there is nothing she can do about any of this - whatever Gia wants to do with her, Gia will do with her.

And among those things she does are giving her piggyback rides, holding her like a baby, carrying her with one arm, balancing Galya off the ground using her feet and parading her around sitting on her shoulders.

They are both undoubtedly having a lot of fun while Gia goes through a host of moves carrying Galya as if she is a toy doll!

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