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Gia the Giant dominates little Dave

You’ve got to hand it to Little Dave - he isn’t afraid of taking on any challenge whether they be big or small.

But we can’t help but wonder if he should have perhaps reconsidered this one as he found himself standing opposite the Canadian goddess that is Gia the Giant.

Amazingly, he is convinced he can create a modern day version of the David and Goliath story on the MWC mats! Gia, on the other hand, is merely shocked at how small our hero is!

Not that this stops her going into full on amazon mode of course! Little dave squares up to her and she just grabs him and takes him down to the mats where she starts squeezing the life out of his little head.

The taunts and trash talk starts immediately with Gia commenting on how his tiny muscles are the size of her wrists!

It’s not all jokey and jovial though as she starts to go through her full repertoire to leave him in no doubt about the power and talent he is up against!

She uses her full weight to pin him down and Little Dave can do nothing but grunt and groan and cry out in pain while Gia strains a muscle to completely dominate him.

Things get much worse for him when she gets him in nasty looking body scissors, head scissors, grapevine pins, face sits, figure four locks and school girl pins while Little Dave has literally no answer to any of it!

Beautiful Gia continues to mock and taunt him all while wearing a seemingly permanent smile fixed to her pretty face - the lady clearly enjoys beating up weak and pathetic men!

Mercifully for Little Dave the end comes but not before he is left completely out cold while Gia celebrates a dominant easy win over him!

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