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Amrita vs Madame Curie, Private & competitive

These two gorgeous powerful talents left a lasting impression with their brilliant debuts at the MWC November live event.

But Russian Amrita and Madame Curie, from Germany, never faced each other at that show and we wanted to see what would happen when they clashed on Monica’s mats!

Unsurprisingly given their skills, the blonde and the brunette treated us to an exciting, skill-fest of a match that proved we were completely right to pit them against one another.

There can’t be many wrestlers around who will ever dominate Madame Curie but Amrita is one special and exceptionally strong lady and she certainly did the early running.

However, Madame Curie has the heart and stamina to match her power and talent and she was able to resist and fight her way out of trouble in the early running.

But Amrita is like a machine and she eventually made the breakthrough with a vicious arm bar that had us tapping along with Madame Curie!

It takes a hell of a lot more than that to keep a fighter like Madame Curie down though and she went straight on the attack and managed to level the scores with a nasty head lock that had Amrita squirming in pain before desperately submitting! Game well and truly on!

There is little said between the two but the silence speaks volumes as they both know they are in for one incredible tough and punishing fight.

Their effort and desire increases and we benefit from seeing some wonderful wrestling including head scissors, head locks, breast smothers, arm locks, body scissors and pins as both ladies traded submissions in this hard fought contest.

By the end though, there was one clear winner of the match…but also plenty of respect between the two!

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