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Sheena dominates & destroys KO Ken

It takes a brave soul to step and challenge the sensation that is Sheena but insulting her just before you tangle is probably considered more stupid than brave.

Yet, that is exactly what KO Ken does as he confronts the skilled and strong warrior with a lot of swagger and bravado and he clearly fancies his chances against the “little woman”, as he so charmingly calls her.

But if he was somehow unaware of Sheena’s immense talent, skills and power before this contest on the MWC mats, then it didn’t take long for her to remind him exactly what she is all about.

KO Ken is easily overpowered and pinned to the mats - much to Sheena’s delight and his own frustration. That quickly turns to pain and the first submission via one of her punishing arm bars.

Sheena doesn’t let him off easily though and immediately launches another attack on KO Ken, using her incredible legs to squeeze the life out of him.

Judging by the screams and the way he tapped the mats furiously and desperately, we think her scissors may have hurt him just a little.

The pattern was set and the big words had disappeared from KO Ken’s mouth and been replaced with cries of pain and anguish as the stunning Eastern European destroyed him via her wrestling masterclass.

KO Ken was left whimpering and submitting to an array of moves including reverse head scissors, figure four locks, triangles, a variety of pins, smothers and even an impromptu lift and carry session.

He was literally rag-dolled and thrown around the mats at will by Sheena, who was clearly enjoying herself more and more as she dominated him without breaking sweat.

This is as one-sided a beatdown as you will ever see by one of the very best beauties in the business!??

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