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Ina Black vs Lina

Lovely Lina from Sweden has built up a fearsome reputation over the years with how she has taken apart men and women on the wrestling mats.

But how would the beauty fare against not just another legend but a much bigger one in the form of the formidable Ina Black? We at MWC were keen to find out so we got them together on our mats!

Ina certainly seems all business like and serious as they meet in the middle and start sizing each other up and tentatively clashing, that is until she suddenly reaches down and hoists the Scandinavian up on to her shoulders.

Ina takes part in an impromptu lift and carry session with a startled Lina ordering her to put her down! Naturally, the Bulgarian is happy to oblige and throws the blonde down to the mats abruptly and gets on top of her.

Lina is helpless as Ina smothers her with her large breasts and forces her full weight to come crashing down on the smaller woman’s trapped body.

And then Ina really gets to work, trapping Lina between those thunder thighs and squeezing a submission out of her.

Quite frankly, Lina is not used to being woman-handled so easily like this and she looks stunned while Ina looks like she's enjoying and continues to attack with great gusto.

Lina finds herself on the wrong end of a number of moves including brutal head scissors, crushing pins, relentless smothers, excruciatingly painful arm bars and hellacious head locks.

The submissions keep flowing from an increasingly battered and beaten Lina who simply cannot get onto the front foot to fight back.

It’s rare to see Lina suffer as badly as she does here and Ina certainly enjoys her victory pose over the blonde’s broken body at this contest’s conclusion!

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