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MWC Mixed Party - November 2019 Report

They say it’s bad luck to celebrate Christmas before December but there were plenty of excited guys feeling lucky as they enjoyed the festive fighting frolics at Monica???s Wrestling Centre in late November!

The ever popular event saw the 2019 wrestling party season bought to a spectacular and thrilling close with yet another incredible extravaganza.

Unlike Santa, Monica doesn’t use a performance-related system to judge whether anyone deserves a gift or not. She and her band of badass beauties were dishing out the presents to the good and naughty boys in the Ring of Pain and on the mats!

And what a band of beauties she put together yet again to delight, enthral and entertain the audience there on the night.

There were representatives from Europe, South America, Asia and of course and a strong contingent of London lovelies!

The Referee introduced the fantastic 13 one by one and out they came to huge cheers (and a few daring and cheeky boos!) and the quality was obvious just from the names being read out: Xena, Amrita, London, Axel, Alexia, Laken, Jelly, Bing Ling, Selena, Kassidy, Athena, Tyger and - sadly - for the very last time Jade.

Ah yes, the one and only Jade. A firm favourite at the MWC live shows and these party events and forever popular with everyone in the scene is going to be sadly missed. But the Referee promised a couple of extra special treats with her and they are worth buying the clips for alone! As always she delivered big time!

As is customary when kicking the proceedings off, the Referee led the luscious ladies in an energetic, Christmas themed warm up and a Wizardry sing-song in the ring - all of which is captured in part one of these incredible clips.

The girls were then unleashed on the guys who found themselves caught in schoolgirl pins - a rather hot and exciting place to be, I think we can all agree!

Of course, what really elevates these parties to greatness are the incredible games that always raise a cheer and provoke much hilarity for all those involved.

These included the “game of cones” which tested the speed and skill of three guys and three of the girls!??

Quite frankly, an MWC party just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have the most unique version of musical chairs ever which sees a number of girls battling it out to sit on the guys faces!

And which man wouldn’t find the infamous scissor circle a real thrill when they get to have their heads trapped between these amazons thighs!

And in addition to all this, the girls and guys were wrestling fast and hard in all corners of the venue in whatever space they could find. The challenges were coming thick and fast for everyone and so wherever there was an inch of mat or canvas, they would fight - there literally ain’t no party like a Monica’s wrestling party!

There was Christmas music, party hats and plenty of food and drink flowing to ensure there were no “bah humbugs” in the venue and that everyone was having a great time. This party certainly ensured a merry Christmas for those lucky enough to be there and there will be an incredibly happy new year for everyone when Monica returns in 2020!

If you missed out - where the hell were you? But, fear not! You can re-live the party magic through all of these 10 magical clips that have truly captured the sheer excitement of the whole evening. Happy Christmas to one and all and see you in the next decade!

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