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Sheena dominates Little Dave

We always love welcoming super Sheena to the MWC when she is on tour in the UK and she never fails to delight when she is on our mats.

She, of course, has built an awesome reputation taking on and dominating some of the best girls in the session wrestling scene so the wimpy men who body step up to face the amazons stand even less of a chance.

That doesn’t stop the “heroic” little Dave though who retains the extraordinarily laughable belief that he can take on and beat girls - including the super strong sexy Sheena here!

He has taken her on and got destroyed before but this time - boy is he prepared! As soon as the fight starts, he goes charging across the mats and attacks her - only to find that not only is Sheena ready for him but she is already laughing at him!

This can only spell trouble for little Dave as she is clearly in the mood to hand out a real butt kicking and that is exactly what she does.

He is kicked, thrown about and ragged around in her arms within a minute and she taunts him mercilessly: “Nothing has changed, you’re still weak!”

One of the other things that haven’t changed either is Sheena’s ability to cause severe pain and little Dave is reacquainted with his skill of hers very quickly.

She easily lifts him up, spins him around, throws him about and traps him in an array of wrestling moves that provoke screams from him including body scissors, pins, arm bars, chokes with her feet and head scissors.

Sheena thoroughly enjoys herself while little Dave is left begging and crying out in-between the submissions he desperately gives on an alarmingly frequent level before he finally ends up out.

It’s the most perfect exhibition of domination wrestling delivered by one of the strongest and best!

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