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MWC - November 2019 Live event Report

Christmas is around the corner but the gorgeous grappling girls of Monica’s Wrestling Centre brought the year to a fabulous end with another memorable live show!

The captivated live audience was treated to old favourites and new girls from around the world, who strutted their stuff and showed exactly what they are about in nine pulsating and thrilling matches.

This event was tinged with sadness as it marked the last ever MWC live event that beautiful English rose Jade will compete in. The favourite of many is retiring from the ring and setting up a new life in America.

But she went out in true MWC style alongside the other phenomenal talents who delighted the excited boys.

As well as Jade, Britain was well represented in the form of the legendary Kassidy, popular Athena and the ever growing talent that is Axel.

Swedish legend Lina led the European contingent that also featured beautiful Bulgarian Galya, the powerful Berlin grappler Madame Curie and delightful debutant Amrita from Russia.

The line-up was made up with the exquisite Canadian amazon Gia the Giant, who certainly made a big impact on the event!

There was a lot of fun and fabulous wrestling on display alongside plenty of spirit and intensity amongst the grapplers - especially in one match where there seemed to be extra heat! All of the competitors gave it their all and that was clear to see in every single match.

There is no better way to end a wrestling year and we feel extremely sorry for those who weren’t able to make it as this show was one not to be missed.

But luckily for you - we’ve captured all the action in these fantastic clips that will let you relive the magic. Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift!

Amrita vs Lina

It’s always essential to kick off the MWC live shows with a stormer to set the tone for the rest of the bill and, boy, did we achieve that with this one!

Popular Swedish bombshell Lina made a welcome return to Monica’s Ring of Pain, in which she was to face a bit of an unknown challenge in the form of ravishing Russian Amrita - making her debut at this event.

Amrita has a statuesque, incredible figure and certainly a size advantage over her rival but that was never going to phase Lina who has taken on and dismantled many a man and a woman much bigger than she is.

And as soon as the bell rang and they got underway, we just knew this was going to be an exciting contest!

They sized each other up and exchanged quick holds as they battled on their feet trying to get an advantage and impose themselves on each other.

The fast pace continued even when the fight ended up on the floor, both rolling around as they looked for the breakthrough. Each time it looked like one lady was on top, the other would turn the tables in the blink of an eye!

The match just raced away at such a fast pace but that didn’t stop either Amrita or Lina from showing off their incredible wrestling skills and technique.

Eventually, the first submission came when one of the blondes executed a neat and painful head lock on the other!

This didn’t change anything though as Amrita and Lina kept up the outstanding excitement with some exceptional wrestling.

There was a rather humorous moment when, after a second submission was secured, one of the exhausted ladies thought the match had ended - only to be told to keep battling!

And battle they both did right up until the final bell. A fitting opening match between two beautiful talents!

Madame Curie vs Gia the Giant

The second thrilling match-up of the MWC November live show had a real international flavour to it and saw German and Canadian pride at stake!

To make things even better this was the first time that the strong and sexy European Madame Curie and the glorious goddess Gia had appeared at these events, so the excited crowd were in for a rare treat.

Now, they don’t call Gia a giant for nothing as the Canadian towered above her opponent and the Referee! But Madame Curie isn’t the sort of lady who just makes up the numbers - she has power to make up for the all-round size disadvantage - and that made for an intriguing battle!

As expected, Gia tried to make her size count right from the start but she soon discovered Madame Curie was quick and skilled and able to counter. Within a few seconds, it was clear this was going to be an intense fight between two amazons!

They both tried to get their scissor holds in place as they battled all over the canvas desperately seeking that first advantage.

Eventually that arrived when Gia executed a vicious head lock and body scissor combination to force her up-to-that-point stubborn rival to reluctantly submit.

But any notion that Madame Curie was going to find it hard to come back was thrown out the window when she immediately levelled the score with a nasty combination of her own!

Needless to say, this heated things up very nicely as both knew they were in a real war against tough warriors!

The breathing got heavier, the bodies got sweatier and the action drew more and more gasps of shock and admiration from the enthralled crowd!

There was a lot of skill on show and a lot of punishment taken and a winning submission! But which gorgeous girl came out on top? Download this classic to find out!

Athena vs Galya

The third match of the MWC November event card looked like a mouth-watering clash on paper and turned out to be even better for real!

Gorgeous Galya is a perennial favourite in Monica’s Ring of Pain and always a welcome sight while awesome Athena has built up a great reputation in the scene so everyone was excited to see them go at it.

Similarly matched in size, skill and spirit, this was a fast-paced encounter right from the very start as they fought across the ring trying to impose themselves on one another with some superb wrestling.

Both Athena and Galya are also skilled in martial arts which only added to the quality and thrill of this contest. There was more than a little heart involved too as these two proud fighters proved to be not the sort who quit at the first sign of any trouble!

Seemingly in the blink of an eye, the first round was over. But that didn’t interrupt the flow of the contest as, after a quick water break, they were straight back at it with the same hunger and desire they showed at the start.

Athena and Galya exchanged body scissors, head locks, ankle locks and pins as they fought with all they had trying to get the advantage and all important submissions their talent deserved.

When you thought one girl had the advantage, the other would turn the tables and go on the attack instead - it was superb, edge-of-the-seat stuff that had the audience captivated.

Things got so intense by the final round that the passion and will to win saw the action heat up and threaten to boil over - until a stern Monica's warning set them straight!

The intense and fair wrestling remained though as both ladies fought hard to the end. Was there a winner? Buy the clip to find out!

Kassidy vs Lina

The action from the MWC November live show was already red hot but the temperature was sent soaring even higher when these two legends faced off in the fourth match of the day!

Both Kassidy and Lina certainly need no introductions given the names they have made for themselves over the years so we couldn't wait to watch them rumble in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

In theory, England’s Kassidy was fresh as this was her first match of the day while Sweden’s Lina had already been in one hell of a contest to kick off the event.

But, in reality, that was never going to hamper an athlete of the calibre of Lina and - sure enough - we were treated to a highly-skilled contest between two immense talents as they wasted little time getting to grips with one another.

Amazonian Kassidy had an obvious height advantage but Lina is used to that and has never been phased by bigger opponents at any point in her career!

Kassidy made the early running in this bout but she found Lina a stubborn foe, more than capable of launching her own attacks as they rolled around and fought across the canvas in the Ring of Pain.

And it was Lina who struck first with a cross body breast smother (Kassidy certainly “remembers those boobs!”) which was as impressive as it sounds!

Kassidy soon levelled things up though with a nasty looking body scissors that Lina was wise enough to tap out from!

They fought hard and executed some painful looking moves - as well as demonstrating some truly impressive defensive work - but the match was competed in an excellent spirit.

There was a winner when one of the girls dug deep and executed the perfect figure four lock on her rival during a grandstand finish but you’ll need to buy this fabulous match to find out who!

Jade vs Gia the Giant

For all the joy and fun being had at the MWC November live event, it was tinged with the sadness that this was set to be Jade’s last ever show before she heads to her new life in America.

A massive favourite and hugely popular performer and she will be terribly missed, especially by Monica.

But that doesn’t mean she was going to get an easy ride! Remorseless Monica decided to pit her in her penultimate show against the Canadian amazon bombshell that is Gia, who had already impressed the crowd in her debut match against Madame Curie!

English rose Jade though is no shrinking violet on the wrestling mats and she wasn’t going to be intimidated by Gia the Giant’s imposing frame!

And gorgeous Gia herself found this out when she tried to use her size advantage and impose herself immediately onto Jade, only to find the Brit beauty a stubborn and determined rival who wasn’t about to roll over easily for her!

But eventually, she cracked when Gia trapped her in an eye-watering, painful grapevine pin that had the audience wincing - let alone Jade herself!

Unperturbed by this though, Jade came roaring back like the lioness we all know she is and forced a quick equalising submission when they caught Gia in a triangle.

This set the match up very nicely indeed and the ladies continued to roll around on the ring trying to gain an all-important advantage over the other in this increasingly exciting contest.

They moaned and groaned in pain and anguish as they put each other in a variety of holds in their pursuit of victory.

Both Jade and Gia traded submission via a variety of moves including a head lock, face sit, arm lock and a vicious head scissor that has to be seen to be believed!

But did either end up on the winning side? This breathless amazing contest is well worth downloading to find out!

Axel vs Athena

There’s always extra spice when two compatriots clash at an MWC live event and this all-England babe battle certainly lived up to that at the November show!

Athena had already delighted the excited crowd in her first match of the day while Axel was hitting the Ring of Pain for the first time and eager to please the punters, so this match was never going to disappoint!

Axel is relatively new to the scene and faced a stern challenge in the form of her more experienced rival but she is a strong girl and never shy about taking on all-comers regardless of who they are.

Of course, Athena was relishing the prospect and as soon as they got to grips with one another the good natured verbal exchanges started and the thrills began!

They rolled around and the initiative went from one girl to the other as the evenly matched beauties went for the jugular to try to get the upper hand.

But the deadlock was broken when Athena’s legs went to work and forced a desperate submission from the startled Axel!

And when she doubled her lead with a crushing leg scissor, the taunts started to increase from Athena as she was clearly enjoying her foe’s discomfort.

But Axel has a gorgeous smile and she continued to wear it as she did her best to fight back against her more experienced opponent.

And her perseverance paid off when she managed to get on top of Athena and make her desperately submit under her brutal breast smother!

There were other submissions during the course of this enthralling match with both gorgeous girls giving their all to entertain and go for the win.

But did Axel stage a stunning comeback or did Athena increase her early dominance and run out the clear winner? Get this clip to find out!

Kassidy vs Amrita

Who doesn’t like a clash of the skilful, badass, beautiful amazon warriors? Well the MWC November live show certainly satisfied that desire with this incredible battle!

Both Kassidy and Amrita had brought the house down in their incredible matches with Lina earlier on in the MWC November live show so it seemed natural and fitting that they should do battle against each other.

And what added to the perfect cocktail that constituted this contest was the fact that it was clear that they both seemed up for it as they made their way to the ring!

Understandably, it was a tentative start as they felt each other out but it didn’t take long before the action matched the two ladies for the sheer hotness.

And it was the ravishing Russian who struck first with a vicious head lock which she was able to execute after getting on top of her illustrious rival. Amrita was soon in dreamland when she managed to double her lead with a seriously impressive display of power and skill!

The contest itself was being fought in an incredible spirit and there were plenty of laughs along the way with bottoms being spanked, ‘trash talk’ being spat out - all while both ladies demonstrated their talent and flexibility throughout.

But it was the relative newcomer Amrita who was making people sit up and take notice as she started to dominate proceedings and show Kassidy exactly what she is all about!

Kassidy will never be the sort of girl to just give in easily and she certainly tried her best but she must have felt like she’d been hit by a Moscow locomotive as Amrita continued her dominance!

Ever the great sport, at the end of the match Kassidy called for a double headscissor “winner takes all” challenge…did she succeed or did Amrita dominate that too? Buy this tremendous clip to find out!

Axel vs Galya

The penultimate match of the MWC November live event was another which had an easy v west Europe vibe featuring two of the hottest young talents in the scene right now.

England’s Axel and Bulgarian Galya promised a treat and delivered in spades as these two looked to put in stellar performances in front of a crowd that was eagerly anticipating their clash.

And as soon as they got past the pre-match formalities and that bell went, you could see this was going to be one intense encounter which neither Axel or Galya wanted to lose.

They got to grips with one another and were soon battling all over the canvas, exchanging some painful looking moves while desperately trying to make each other submit!

When you thought one girl had finally gotten the best of the other, the other would fight her way out of the pain and turn the tables.

It was a pulsating, edge-of-the-seat first round which seemed to pass in the blink of an eye as Axel and Galya went all out on the attack. At one stage they both had each other in a head scissor and while it looked like either could give up at any given moment, both dug deep and fought their way out of it.

There was applause and appreciation from the men in attendance as the contest continued in this similar vein with the minutes passing by.

It was always going to take something special to make either of these two crack and that finally came when one of the girls locked on a head lock and body scissor combination to edge in front.

This was a tense contest right up to the final bell and neither Axel or Galya deserved to lose, given the effort and skill they had put on display. However there was a winner…but only just!

Jade vs Madame Curie

The show-stopping finale of an MWC live event is traditionally a special match and this one certainly didn’t disappoint as both these gorgeous grapplers bought the house down!

Berlin beauty Madame Curie and English rose Jade had already delighted the audiences with their matches earlier on in the day so there was great anticipation for this bout.

There was extra poignancy too as Jade was competing in her very last match at an MWC live show so there was a bit of extra spice in that she wanted to go out with a bang!

But, while there is always respect, Madame Curie had a job to do and there was certainly no room for sentimentality.

Both ladies got straight at it and it was clear this was a great match up as they struggled for supremacy right from the word go as they looked to impose themselves on each other.

They fought hard and you could sense the tension, not just in the ring, but amongst the absorbed audience who were wondering which of these athletes was going to come out on top.

The pain and determination was etched across both Jade and Madame Curie’s faces as they battled all over the canvas, going on the attack with their skills and strength.

The wrestling was intense and the deadlock was finally broken when one girl finally managed to get her powerful legs to do their thing and make the other tap out in a body scissor.

Jade and Madame Curie fought hard right to the final bell and the eventual winner knew she had been in one hell of a fight! Did Jade go out with a bang or did Madame Curie spoil the party? Download to find out.

At the end of the contest, Jade was given a special send off to mark the occasion of her last ever MWC live event. This legend will be sorely missed!

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