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Rage vs Sativa GI Feet

Take two of the strongest and talented wrestler out there, put them in Gi gear and watch the fireworks go off when they face each other on the MWC mats!

Neither Rage nor Sativa need any introductions as these two powerful beauties have made great names for themselves in the scene with their brilliant performances in the ring, on the mats - anywhere they can fight!

But we wanted to see how they would get on against each other. Both know their martial arts and are certainly no strangers to using their feet to inflict pain on their victims.

You could feel the tension as they bowed and shook hands prior to getting down to the business at hand.

Within seconds of them grabbing hold of each other, you knew that both Rage and Sativa would have to work damn hard for each submission, let alone ending up as the winner of the entire match and that made every second of this contest unmissable and exciting.

They are both exceptionally strong and skilled and that meant neither was going to find it easy to get into a position to get the all-important submissions out of the other.

When it looked like one was getting the upper hand, her rival would fight out and turn the tables on the other. Both Rage and Sativa displayed many weapons including arm bars, head locks, body scissors and of course, foot induced chokes.

But what was equally impressive was their defensive work as they resisted some incredible attacks with solid resistance.

There were moans and groans in agony, a lot of wincing too as they worked each other good and proper with some outstanding wrestling creating a lot of pain!

It was edge of the seat stuff but did either Rage or Sativa get the win? Download this classic to find out!

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