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Sativa destroys Little Dave

We love little Dave. We really do. But we are often left questioning his sanity when he keeps coming back to the MWC mats to take on tough, strong beautiful amazons.

Not only does he want to fight them but he actually thinks he has a chance! Perhaps he’s taken too many bumps in his bouts to think straight anymore!

Sexy, sensational Sativa certainly isn’t impressed though and questions whether he really wants to do this. Our little hero jus flexes his muscles - much to his opponent’s amusement and so the fight is on.

To the surprise of absolutely no-one in the venue, Sativa takes a matter of seconds to get Dave under control and wedge his head between those crushing thighs of hers to give him a taste of what he is going to get during the match.

Not content with that, she twists him around and gets him with an arm bar with her foot squeezing his throat for good measure. Dave already wears the expression of a man who has realised that he might have bitten off more than he can chew!

Sativa is not just relentless and remorseless as she attacks, she rubs salt into his ever increasing wounds by trash talking and giving a running commentary along the way. The taunts are even funnier as she winds little Dave up!

Sativa brings the pain in a variety of ways in including school girl pins, head locks, figure four headlocks, body scissors, face sits, breast smothers and many combinations to easy earn herself a raft of submissions.

It isn’t long before a beleaguered and battered little Dave is begging for mercy, not that he gets it as Sativa is unimpressed with the “pathetic excuse of a match” he brought!

She certainly enjoys punishing him and sending him to sleep as part of her victory parade at the end of the “match”!

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