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Ina Black v Diana GI Feet Match

Given her size, experience and phenomenal skills, Diana has taken on the beaten plenty of the best wrestlers around in the scene.

But how would she fare against someone like the legendary Ina Black, who is much bigger and stronger than her? Well, we couldn’t wait to find out!

Dressed in their gi gear, there was much respect between the two and both were geared up for one hell of a battle.

It didn’t take them long to get to grips with each other and vie for the advantage and it was Ina who drew first submission when she managed to get Diana down on to the mats and get on top before forcing a submission through her expertly placed foot choking out Diana!

But Diana is different to many of the girls Ina has taken on and squashed in the past. She came roaring back at her tough opponent and managed to get her down and work her over - gaining an equalising submission through an arm bar and foot expertly placed under the chin!

Both ladies are fit and strong and this early exchange of submissions only increased the excitement levels and tension as everyone knew this was going to be one hell of a contest.

It also provoked some verbals between the two - Ina telling Diana she had made her angry, while Diana dismissed it and smiled as Ina!

But this was all about the wrestling and, more so, about the way that these two were using to devastating effect to force a number of further submissions for each!

There were scissors, arm bars, a variety of locks and plenty of feet in the throats!

And there was a clear winner by the end of this phenomenal battle who took the belt of the loser as a prize - much to the defeated girl’s anger! An outstanding gi feet match!

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