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Bing Ling dominates Wimpy Nick - rematch

Pride can be a dangerous characteristic for anyone to have - just as Wimpy Nick discovered when he entered Monica’s Ring of Pain to face Bing Ling again!

The beauty was just minding her own business, stretching and warming up, when our proud hero entered the ring telling her they had “unfinished business”. Apparently the butt-kicking she handed him last time was just because he had under-estimated her!

Bing is unfazed of course and more than ready to give him another up close and personal demonstration of her ever-improving skills.

And sure enough, Wimpy Nick is soon filling the London air with his wails and cries out in pain as Bing Ling gets to work on taking him apart bit by bit in a methodical and excruciating manner.

He claimed he wasn’t going to take her lightly again after their first encounter but we honestly couldn’t tell the difference during this match as Bing just destroyed him and made him suffer at her hands!

She went through her whole repertoire to cause him serious damage, including head locks, head scissors, arm bars, arm locks, a range of smothers, schoolgirl pins, figure four locks and grapevine pins.

Wimpy Nick had no answer apart from tapping out in desperation and squealing about the sheer pain he was being made to suffer from.

Bing on the other hand was having a great time. She also showed how she is just as devastating with her mouth as she is with her wrestling, taunting and mocking him throughout the encounter.

“You’re a bloody sadist, that’s what you are!” Wimpy cries out but that is just music to Bing’s ears.

It comes as no surprise when he is sent back to la la land and gorgeous Bing is left to enjoy her little prize for the day!

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