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Orsi B v Rage - Gi Feet match

We had already witnessed the instant classic that these two exquisite Eastern Europeans put on during the MWC September event and so, quite frankly, couldn’t wait for another encounter between the pair.

Orsi B and Rage are exceptional talents and we knew they’d put on another breath-taking battle - and we weren’t wrong!

This time they met on the mats and dressed in their resplendent Gi gear - very appropriate given their martial arts and wrestling abilities.

After a bow and a respectful handshake, the two wasted little time in getting to grips with one another and getting the fight on!

The excitement and tension was palpable as they first battled hard on the feet before an expertly executed takedown saw the fight go down to the mats.

As well as having immense skills, they are both proud fighters and each knew that they’d have to go the extra mile to force a submission out of the other.

But the submissions did start to flow, the first one coming when one of the ladies got on top and brilliantly used her feet - a big rule for this type of match! - to choke out a submission from her frustrated foe.

That was merely the starter for this feast of a fight as they got back to their positions, straightened their outfits out and got ready to fight hard again.

In many scenarios, these two would be evenly matched all the way but it soon became apparent that this format suited one of the girls more than the other!

The wrestling moves were strong from both but as one took control, she certainly showed how adept she is at using her feet to earn more submissions!

It wasn’t all one-way traffic - as you’d expect when these two are involved - but we did have a clear winner at the end of this pulsating fight!

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