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Rage dominates Chicken Boy - rematch

Imagine believing you have a wrestling match scheduled with someone but when you turn up, you are confronted with one of your biggest nightmares!

That’s what happened to poor Chicken Boy Dave. There was Rage just minding her own business doing her stretching exercises in Monica’s Ring of Pain when he suddenly showed up.

He looked bemused and surprised as he thought he had a match with a girl called Paige. But Rage wasn’t impressed with his interruption and suddenly lived up to her name and angrily attacked him!

Chicken Boy might be in his “macho man” pants but there is nothing particularly macho about the way he is thrown around like a rag doll by Rage, who clearly has fire in her eyes again.

In all fairness to him, he does his best to resist her onslaught but once she gets his head trapped between her python like legs, there is only one way out and that is via a submission!

In their first match, on the MWC mats, Rage totally annihilated Chicken Boy and she seems determined to at least match that performance here in the ring.

It was Groundhog Day for Dave as Rage started to go through her repertoire again which resulted in immense pain and suffering for him with desperate submissions alongside.

She traps him between those legs, she pins him for 10 counts, she smothers him beneath her gorgeous butt, she chokes him using any part of her body that is available and she crushes him with her feet.

Once again Chicken Boy has literally no answer to Rage’s attacks, apart from desperately moaning and groaning and hoping for the ordeal to end as quickly as possible.

Rage, of course, is enjoying herself immensely and gives a running commentary along the way all the way to putting him out and enjoying her victory pose!

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