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Warrior Amazon vs Diana

What happens when you get two of Europe’s strongest and most skilful wrestlers with plenty of martial arts skills to take each on while dressed in GI gear? An instant classic, that’s what!

We couldn’t wait to see what happened when blonde Warrior faced off against brunette Diana and we were certainly not disappointed.

There aren’t many girls in the scene who can live with these two when they are on the top of their game so we wanted to see who would come out on top when they battled each other.

The action was pulsating right from the start as they got to grips with one another’s clothing and jostled for position.

The first submission came when one of the amazons expertly took the other down to the mat and applied a nasty-looking arm bar with a foot choke to the neck. This set the scene for the rest of the clash!

You won’t see these two thrown around very often but being as good as they are, they put their immense skills to good use on one another throughout. And their use of their feet as weapons was even more impressive - as they themselves discovered first hand!

And both of these incredible athletes were getting success on one another. You could see the determination etched on both Warrior and Diana’s faces as they went for submissions and then the disappointment and frustration at having to tap. Make no mistake, these two are both winners and they really wanted to win this one!

But there could only be one winner in this one and after a titanic tussle, one of the ladies managed to surge ahead and get a superb victory!

And boy did she make the most of celebrating her victory - stripping her devastated and defeated rival before placing her foot across her throat as part of the victory pose! Emphatic and incredible!

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