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Bing Ling dominates Wimpy Nick

If there is one thing worse than an arrogant male wrestler, it's an arrogant male wrestler who insults his opponents!

Beautiful Bing Ling might be new to the scene but Monica doesn't send her girls out to do battle on the mats unprepared.

Nick though certainly isn't impressed. He dismisses her with a "who are you?" and lists all the warriors he has faced, telling the "little girl" she should be facing the likes of Chicken Boy Dave instead!

This certainly fires the anger and passion in Bing and she isn???t going anywhere, determined to make Nick eat his words.

And, despite thinking he is too much for her, it isn't long before he is being schooled by this talented young beauty! Every time Nick thinks he has her in trouble, she simply smiles and reverses the situation to make him suffer instead.

It isn't long before Nick is living up to his "Wimpy" title and screaming out in pain and agony as Bing completely works him over.

She makes him suffer through a series of luck and smart moves including head locks, body scissors, arm locks, head scissors, face sits, schoolgirl pins and sleeper holds - all the while taunting him and reminding him of his pre-fight insults!

Of course, the submissions flow alongside all the cries of pain as Bing is remorseless in her vow to make sure he knows exactly who she is.

Wimpy Nick is completely destroyed and humiliated - none more so than when Bing makes him scream an apology out to her while she puts eye-watering pressure on his exposed left arm!

As she puts him to sleep and celebrates with a victory pose, Bing proves why she is one exciting addition to the scene. Wimpy Nick, on the other hand, certainly won't forget her in a hurry!

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