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Rage dominates Chicken Boy

God loves a trier but even divine intervention would not have been enough to help Chicken Boy Dave in his latest match on the MWC mats against the formidable Rage!

Sure, he confidently marches up to her in the centre of the mats looking ready for battle, but this only seems to amuse Rage who seems wholly unimpressed with the specimen she is looking at.

Dave tries to attack but Rage seems like an immovable object and it doesn’t take her much time or effort to get him down to the mats and get to work on him.

The problem for Chicken Boy - and any other men come to think of it - is that Rage is as talented as she is beautiful. Not to mention strong and always thirsty for giving beatdowns and it isn’t long before she is bringing the pain to the little guy.

The first of many submissions in Rage’s favour comes when she chokes him by using her fabulous feet and leaves him gasping for breath!

But that is far from the end of the pain and suffering for Chicken Boy as Rage gets into her stride and starts giving a demonstration of all her talents.

She makes him scream in agony through a variety of moves including body scissors, figure four locks, head scissors, pins, face sits, arm bars and smothers.

Even when he taps out furiously and desperately, Rage isn’t always happy to release him and prefers instead to make him suffer even more.

Throughout the whole match, she taunts and mocks Chicken Boy, demanding to know where his wrestling skills are - as if she is insulted by his presence in her company!

The end couldn’t come soon enough for Chicken Boy and Rage certainly enjoys not only her victory pose but making sure he knows who the best is out of the two of them!

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