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Sheena vs Axel

Since she burst on the session wrestling scene, gorgeous Axel has made one hell of a splash and continues to improve and delight at an incredibly fast rate.

But going up against the super strong and skilful Sheena on the MWC mats is probably the biggest challenge she has had to face in her so far short career in the business!

Not that Axel is scared of a challenge, of course. In fact, it’s Axel who leads the trash talk! Dismissing Sheena and her muscles and showing the confidence of a girl who knows she can fight!

But hell hath no fury like a toned woman who is told her muscles are not impressive and Sheena attacks and decides to teach the small, young upstart all about the power and the fury her strong body can unleash.

Axel bravely keeps up the chat but that soon turns to cries of agony as Sheena applies a nasty choke hold and sets her legs to start crushing Axel’s body.

Sheena gets more and more annoyed at Axel’s insults and is spurred on to punish Axel and does so with a variety of skilful and relentless moves.

Axel finds her head being crushed in Sheena’s scissors, struggles to breathe when Sheena face sits and breast smothers her and feels the pressure rushing to her head when Sheena hoists her up like a rag doll.

Sheena seems to use every part of her own body to inflict serious damage to Axel’s prone body and the cries and screams of pain get louder and louder, reverberating around the venue.

On the ultra-rare occasions Axel tries to attack, Sheena swots her away like a fly and mocks her mercilessly.

By the end, Axel is totally destroyed and out while Sheena certainly enjoys her victory pose!

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