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Jelly destroys Wimpy Nick

For a man who has had his butt kicked over and over again, Wimpy Nick sure is a confident and arrogant and downright rude session wrestler.

His dismissive attitude and demands to know who exciting new wrestling babe Jelly certainly don’t go unnoticed ahead of their clash on the MWC mats.

Of course, he can’t help but mock her wrestling name too with references to “custard” and “rice pudding” - like she hasn’t heard those before!

Jelly isn’t just a pretty face though and she is not the sort of girl to stand there and take such abuse. After firing back some insults about his expanding waistline and telling him she is there to show him what she is all about, the fight is on!

Wimpy Nick goes for her at the start and clearly thinks he will be able to man-handle her with ease. But that lasts a few seconds before Jelly takes him down to the mats and starts demonstrating the skills and strength that the “thin girl” (Wimpy’s charming words!) possesses.

Soon his taunts are replaced with groans and moans and cries of pain as Jelly gets to work on taking him apart. And she has many weapons to call upon!

She traps him in expertly executed head locks, body scissors, pins, arm bars and camel clutches which soon bring about the submissions that Wimpy Nick clearly didn’t expect to be giving away when the fight started!

Jelly is loving every second though. Not only getting the chance to show off her awesome ability but to also ram his insults right back down his throat - she certainly enjoys giving it back verbally too!

She is quick, inventive, unforgiving and insatiable in her desire to make him tap out as much as possible! Tasty Jelly is one dessert unconscious Wimpy Nick didn’t find so sweet!

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