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Ina Black vs Vox Squash Match

Many a gorgeous girl in this scene has stepped on to the MWC mats in the vain hope of challenging the legendary Ina Black.

And many a gorgeous girl in this scene has been chewed up and spat out on the MWC mats after challenging the legendary Ina Black to a wrestling match!

So the brutal Bulgarian is always after new talent and so she is delighted to find that in the form of the vivacious Vox - who had wowed after making her first appearance at the September Event just a few weeks ago.

Vox is certainly not afraid and keen to show Ina what she can do. But Ina isn’t in the mood for demonstrations and it takes her just a few seconds to expertly judo throw her new foe to the mats and start dominating.

And the young woman is given an instant demonstration of what Ina is all about as she is twisted up like a pretzel and made to suffer in a variety of ways - not least having her cute ass spanked by a grinning Ina!

Things get worse for Vox as Ina decides she wants to squash her and squeeze the life out of her - prompting some ear-splitting screams of pain and anguish from the poor victim of this brutality.

Ina is in fine form herself and makes Vox experience a variety of weapons she has in her arsenal including pins, arm bars, head and body scissors, bear hugs and even the odd bit of hair pulling!

The submissions flow while Ina rag dolls Vox around as if she is a tiny little doll. Ina is loving it of course and continues to laugh, grin and taunt her unfortunate rival pretty much throughout the whole match.

Ina hands out a brutal lesson to Vox and one she won’t ever forget, once she finally comes round again!

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