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Monica ballbusting match

Monica is looking great in her pink gi gear and ready for action in the MWC ring. But her opponent is in a cocky mood.

In fact, he even mocks her with exaggerated ‘Karate Kid’ impressions just as they lock up. But Monica isn’t impressed and she soon lets him know how unimpressed she is once she takes him down to the mats.

During the trash talking, he makes the mistake of swearing at her and she responds with a punch to his balls. This continues as she keeps him under control with an array of wrestling moves.

But his manhood is the constant target and no matter what he does, Monica finds a way to attack it and make him grunt and groan in pain.

He is attacked on the mats, forced into the corner and made to feel the pain when he is kneed, kicked and punched between his legs. Monica even stands on them full weight!

It’s fair to say that Monica is in full on dominant mood and she is venomous in her treatment of him - whether it be spitting insults and demands out or brutally taking him apart.

The wrestling is just as painful as the ballbusting! He is made to suffer through head scissors, head locks, camel clutches, take downs and leg locks.

Her victim seems dazed and confused for a large part of the match…until she attacks his sensitive area which seems to wake him up enough for him to scream out in agony!

On occasion, he does try to fight back and attack Monica but this merely provokes her into smashing his balls twice as hard!

By the end, the blubbering mess has no option but to admit that Monica is the blasting queen!

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