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Ina Black vs Lana Luxor Squash Match

American beauty Lana was a welcome guest to Monica’s Wrestling Centre and certainly impressed during her live show matches.

As such, she was full of confidence even when she was standing opposite the legendary Ina Back on the MWC mats for this intriguing match-up.

The Bulgarian scoffed at her opponent but Lana was not in the least bit daunted and even started shoving her bigger foe and making it abundantly clear that she was well up for this match.

But, it really doesn’t matter how good or confident a wrestler you are - beating the powerhouse is an altogether different prospect and challenge to any you have faced before.

As such, Ina immediately takes control of Lana and starts to demonstrate exactly how she built up the daunting and formidable reputation she has now.

It didn’t take long for Lana’s head to be squeezed between one of Ina’s crushing arms and the first submission followed quickly afterwards.

Lana insists Ina was lucky but the Bulgarian is not bothered by any of that and proceeds to take down her rival once again.

There is more misery for Lana as Ina gets those arm bars, pins and body scissors working. Even when Lana has a rare moment in the ascendency, Ina easily breaks free and reverses the situation to put her US opponent in further trouble!

Lana screams out in pain each time and gets more and more angry, while Ina continues to have fun and laughs at her expense!

Despite the American’s spirited efforts, she is made to suffer through more pins, head scissors, smothers, figure fours and the morale shattering experience of being thrown around like a rag doll.

It’s all too much for Lana who, by the end, is out while Ina celebrates over her battered body!

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