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MWC Mixed Party - September 2019

There are only three things guaranteed in life: breathing, taxes and a damn good time at the now legendary MWC Mixed Wrestling Parties!

The miserable weather may have replaced the sun and the colder evenings may be kicking in, but Monica ensured the great, warm summer vibes continued a bit longer at this September bash.

As usual, some of the most gifted and utterly stunning ladies in the session wrestling scene from around the world descended on the London venue to take part in some grappling fun and frolics while the music pumped out and the fine food and drink flowed.

The guys arrived all eager and excited in anticipation and were treated to a whole host of wrestling magic and awesome games.

As ever, The Referee - doing his usual magnificent job of being the master of ceremonies - introduced the girls one by one into the Ring of Pain (captured on part one of the clips).

And out they came looking fabulous and ready for action: Princess Nikki, London, Orsi B, Nina Hiss, Alexia, Mistress MD, Jelly, Raven, Eva, Rage and Pandora.

Things got even better when the fabulous Xena and beautiful newcomer Bing Ling arrived later, while the main boss lady herself Monica and the legendary Ina Black were also there as usual, making sure everything ran smoothly!

As is tradition now, The Referee launched into an energetic and incredibly funny warm-up routine to make sure all the ladies were primed and fully stretched out and ready to rock!

Once they had completed that, they dashed out of the ring and straight over to the guys, dragging them out of the seats and throwing them to the mats to start the beatdowns!

And the boys certainly felt some serious pain once these strong and skilled athletes started going through their repertoire. Mini matches were happening in the ring, on the mats - basically in any bit of space the fighters could find!

Some of the braver guys even took on more than one of the girls at the same time - sounds like an insane wish but what a way to go!

Of course, there were also the fabulous games that have been delighting the guys and girls since Monica started running these incredible parties!

There was the hilarious ‘bottle’ game which tested the reactions of three of the ladies and three of the men with the punishment for failure being made to do push-ups— so funny it has to be seen to be believed!

The scissor circle gets better and better, not to mention more brutal (for the guys) and more sadistically funny (for the girls) with each passing event!

There was also the ‘holds challenge’ where a couple of the girls got to demonstrate all the different moves they know to help them make the men suffer every time the Referee shouted ‘hold’!

And no party would be complete without the sheer delight of people playing musical chairs in which the ladies compete to plant their rather gorgeous derrieres on the faces of the lucky party chaps in attendance! It was a hard fought contest but only one ass could be the winner!

In and around these games, the wrestling continued at a high-octane pace and left huge smiles on the faces of those taking part - which is essentially why we put these events on!

There was no doubt that those lucky enough to walk through the MWC doors and be confronted with a bevy of brilliant beauties enjoyed themselves and realised why there ain’t no party like a Monica’s missed wrestling party!

If you missed out and weren’t able to attend, then we can only pity you! But luckily, we had the foresight to record all the best action and present it here for you to enjoy and get into the party spirit yourselves!

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