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Sativa vs Rage

Wrestling doesn’t get much better than this. Two of the strongest and most skilled young beauties in the scene coming together to fight each other at Monica’s Wrestling Centre!

England’s super Sativa and the exquisite Eastern European Rage were clearly looking forward to getting to grips with one another too as they faced off on the MWC mats.

After a polite handshake, they just got straight to business, stern looks on their faces as they locked up and danced around the mats looking to get an advantage in the early stages.

You cut just feel the tension as they looked for an opening and things only got more electric when they took the battle down to the ground.

As well as being talented warriors, Sativa and Rage also have great endurance and stubbornness and are not the sort of girls who just roll over easily for anyone!

When it looked like one of them was on top, the other would turn the tables and when you thought a submissions was about to come, the other would fight her way out. It was pulsating and electric right from the get go.

And there was immense skills on show too. The girls demonstrated their repertoires with head locks, cross body pins, body scissors, head scissors and smothers. The speed and back and forth nature of the wrestling was breath-taking at times and the pain that both was able to dish out and take had us wincing!

They were breathing heavy, sweaty and giving it their all and it was crystal clear that neither Sativa or Rage wanted to lose this incredible fight! By the end, they’d left everything on the mats and the respect between them was obvious.

But was there a winner? Download this incredible, must-have fight to find out!

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