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MWC Live Event Report Sep 2019

MWC - September 2019 event

Summer might have been coming to a close but Monica’s Wrestling Centre delivered one scorching hot event to keep those vibes alive for just a little bit longer!

Ten matches of the highest and most incredible quality featuring some of the top stars in the session wrestling scene as well as some exciting new faces promised to deliver and, sure enough, they exceeded even our high expectations!

We were delighted to welcome back London lovely Axel, as well as the incredible international talents of Orsi B, Nikki, Leila and - after way too long - the legendary Lina!

But the MWC is also about giving fresh, new, exciting, young talents an opportunity to strut their stuff on the big stage and, boy, did we do that in this event.

Rage Shieldmaiden, Vox, Jelly, Ivy Rain (who wasn’t even supposed to be wrestling but filled in at the last minute much to everyone’s delight!) and Bing Ling all made stunning debuts and won the hearts of minds of the delighted, lucky fans who were able to make the live show in person.

Best of all, the “newbies” all demonstrated why the future of the scene is in fine and safe hands when they showcased everything they have to offer.

The fans were naturally on the edge of their seats as the high quality matches delivered some memorable and phenomenal fights that will live long in the memory.

We’re always looking to improve our fantastic events but we’re going to have to pull out all the stops to even come close to this festival of wrestling.

If you were unable to make it, then we’re sorry to say you missed out. But thankfully, you can have the next best thing and purchase the fabulous fights and see what all the excitement was about! A wonderful event that is a must-have in your collections!

Orsi B v Rage Shieldmaiden

There is always pressure on the girls in the very first match of a live MWC event to deliver the goods and set the scene for the whole show - and boy did these two deliver big time!

Serbia’s talented beauty Rage was given a baptism of fire in her first ever appearance at an MWC live show when she faced off against the Hungarian hottie Orsi B, who has delighted many an audience with her skills and strength.

But if Rage was feeling any nerves she certainly wasn’t showing them as she immediately got to grips with her rival and took the fight down to the mats, getting on top straight away.

However, Orsi B is not just a pretty face and she demonstrated all her talent and resilience to fight back and let her opponent know she was in for one hell of a match!

The action was fast paced, the skills on show were incredible and, to add to the intense drama, their resilience was incredible - both girls can dish out as well as take it! It was back and forth, edge of the seat stuff and we were still in the first round!

Not that the end of that round and moving into the second made any difference of course! These two awesome athletes picked up where they left off and continued to delight the lucky audience to their immense abilities.

They fought all over the ring, the initiative went back and forth and just when you thought one girl had gotten the upper hand - the other would fight hard and turn the tables.

Both Rage and Orsi B pushed each other to the limit and produced one of the most intense and incredible matches seen in the Ring of Pain! But did either get the win? Download this unmissable classic to find out!

Nikki v Vox

The second match of the MWC September event had a lot to live up to after the breath-taking opener but these gorgeous, wonderful ladies were well up to the task!

It was another clash of the Europeans as blonde beauty Princess Nikki, from Hungary, took on the exquisite Bulgarian Vox. Nikki is no stranger to the MWC ring but Vox was making her first appearance and that made this match of contrasts even more intriguing than it already was!

They wasted little time in getting to grips with one another and they were soon rolling around the ring trying to get the upper hand on one another.

And it was Nikki who struck first after catching Vox in a vicious looking head lock. Vox did all she could to fight out of it but eventually had to give!

When Nikki quickly doubled her advantage with a body scissor soon after, we began to wonder if this would end up being a one-sided contest. But never under-estimate a talented wrestler! And Vox showed she has plenty of skills and strength of her own when she won her first point by making Nikki tap out!

And the submissions just kept on coming and coming!

There were headlocks, arm locks, breast smothers and scissors which deservedly earned both girls some points. They arrived with such regularity that the Referee deserves credit for keeping up with the action!

Both Nikki and Vox were inflicting a lot of damage to each other but remarkably the match was being wrestled in a wonderful spirit with big beaming smiles on their faces - a clear sign that they were loving it as much as everyone lucky enough to be witnessing it!

It ended up being a high scoring, pulsating contest in which both excelled - but there was one clear winner!

Leila v Ivy Rain

The third contest from the MWC September live event brought together two real absolute stunners that certainly got the crowd excited.

Brazilian Leila is no stranger to the MWC Ring of Pain and she made a welcome return after some time away. And she found herself up against a real unknown quantity in the form of Brit babe Ivy - who was making her debut in the venue.

Leila possesses a whole wealth of experience which was always likely to give her an advantage over Ivy and that was obvious in the way she was able to get in more offensive manoeuvres.

But boy can Ivy take some punishment! Rather than crumbling in the face of Leila’s attacks, Ivy withstood it and did her utmost to fight out of the predicaments she found herself in.

Even when Leila eventually got her to submit, Ivy refused to just roll over for her and proved to be as stubborn as she is gorgeous.

And as a result, the English girl grew in confidence as the match wore on and started to mount her own attacking moves on Leila who was really having to dig deep to avoid succumbing to Ivy’s painful looking scissors.

Both beauties were giving their all - whether going all out in their attacks or hanging on in defence against the other’s onslaught - and it made for an incredible encounter as they approached the final round of a tight and exciting contest!

There were more submissions as both girls grew tired as a result of the intense and hard wrestling that they were engaging in.

But did Ivy spring a shock and make it a dream debut or did Leila make her experience and skills tell with a comprehensive victory? Download this great match to find out!

Bing Ling v Vox

The fourth contest of the MWC September spectacular looked a cracker on paper and we certainly weren’t disappointed by the action itself!

Beautiful Bing Ling was the latest making her first ever appearance at one of her events and she faced off against the gorgeous Vox, who had only made her debut earlier in the show herself!

The excitement in the air was palpable - there is something about new girls and a step into the unknown that gets a crowd on the edge of their seats!

The ladies got straight to it and it seemed obvious from that start that this was a cracking match made in heaven as they fought all over the ring jostling for superior position.

Bing might be fairly new to the scene but she has clearly learned very well and she is a tough cookie, while Vox is quick, exciting and full of skills herself.

The first submission took a while and finally arrived when one of the girls got a head lock and body scissor combination locked in, making her rival very reluctantly tap out!

That didn’t slow down the action though. The ladies locked up and continued to push each other to the limits, rolling around and fighting hard.

More submissions came with ankle locks, leg scissors, head locks and even combinations of some of those.

One of them came a Nano-second before the end of round bell - these girls were fighting hard at every last second and it was breathless, exciting action of the highest quality.

Bing and Vox gave everything they had but if they were tired, we couldn’t tell as they kept up the incredible pace right to the end.

While one girl did claim victory by the tightest of margins, both girls produced a real MWC live event classic that is a must for all fans!

Jelly v Axel

Continuing the main theme of the MWC September show, when delicious Jelly was the latest debutant to climb through the Ring of Pain ropes for her first ever appearance at one of our events!

Her opponent, the English beauty Axel, was a more familiar face around here - despite the fact that she herself is relatively new to the wrestling scene overall!

This looked a cracking match on paper given both seemed to have youthful exuberance and an element of the unknown about them for those watching in the excitable crowd, which had already been spoilt rotten and desperate for more fun!

Axel was quick out the blocks and managed to get her rival down to the mats and work her way into a position to get the first submission of the contest.

And Jelly might have started to get a little worried when a body scissor and head lock combination earned Axel her second tap out to double her lead.

Axel was on fire and the ever willing but smaller Jelly was being overwhelmed by the express train that had hit her right from the opening bell!

But if there is one thing MWC crowds love is someone who never gives in and Jelly certainly never gave in - picking herself off the mats, dusting herself off and coming straight back at Axel looking to fight her way back into the match.

However, Axel was on a mission and she was relentless and remorseless in her pursuit of a comprehensive victory in front of her home crowd as she racked up the submissions in her favour.

As the fight entered the final stages, however, Jelly drew the biggest cheers when her determination paid off by forcing Axel to tap out!??

Axel wasn’t to be denied her well-earned victory though and both were given deserved standing ovations!

Rage v Lina

What a way to kick-start the second half of the MWC September show! A talented young upstart in her first show taking on a scene legend making her return to our arena for the first time in five years!

Serbian beauty Rage had already impressed greatly in her opening match at this event and she would need to be at her best again when pitted against the one and only Lina from Sweden.

Everyone was licking their lips in anticipation at this one and it turns out both ladies were also very eager to lock up with one another - so much so, they’d forgotten to remove their earrings before getting started!

Once the serious business started, however, it was clear that this was a match-up made in heaven. They jostled and fought hard to get the best position. Rage has strength and determination, Lina has experience and know-how while both of them have the skills!

But just in case anyone thought the Scandinavian was past her prime, Lina reminded us all just how damn good she still is by earning the first submission with a figure four headlock!

The blonde started to give a masterclass and doubled her lead soon after, demonstrating all the ability that has built and enhanced her reputation over the years.

At this point many others would have capitulated in the hurricane Lina was unleashing but not Rage. She fought back and launched her own attacking moves to demonstrate why she is such a rising star in this scene.

As the match wore on, the breathless action never stopped and more submissions came as a result. And it resulted in a truly memorable contest.

But did young Rage make a stirring comeback to claim a win or did legendary Lina roll back the years with a great victory? Download to find out!

Axel v Leila

The MWC live September 2019 show was in full swing by the time these two curvy, incredibly gorgeous ladies faced off against each other in the Ring of Pain!

Both Axel and Laila had greatly impressed the delighted punters, who were insatiable in their desire for more top class wrestling, so it seemed a natural fit to have them wrestle each other!

And you could see straight away that each wanted to win as they sized one another up, tentatively went for attacking moves and threw themselves into trying to get an advantage over the other in the early stages.

They danced around the ring battling to get the upper hand before finally the action fell to the floor with Axel on top but Leila wrapping her incredibly strong legs around her opponent’s torso.

Axel is made of sterner stuff though and she fought long and hard to get out of them, prompting a serious battle on the mats between the pair as both of them fought with everything they had to get that all important submission.

The momentum shifted from one to the other and the lucky crowd were clearly on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if Laila or Axel would strike first!

It took a monumental effort to break the deadlock and get the first submission and it finally arrived via an excruciatingly painful looking arm bar.

This really spiced things up as both girls continued to fight hard and push her rival to the limit. Their bodies glistened with sweat, they were breathing heavily but they remained focused and determined!

But was it the Brit babe Axel or the Brazilian beauty Leila who were celebrating at the end of this gloriously even bout? Download this fabulous clip to find out!

Bing v Nikki

These two hotties had excited and delighted in their respective first matches at the MWC September event so we were licking our lips in anticipation when they faced off against one another.

Even better was the fact that both beautiful Bing and gorgeous “Princess” Nikki seemed well up for getting to grips with each other too and couldn’t wait to get started.

Bing had a bit of a size advantage but Nikki is far more experienced so that just added to the excitement for those watching in the crowd.

The first bell rung and they were soon fighting all over the Ring of Pain, trying to get on top and it was Nikki who achieved that and forced two fairly swift submissions out of Bing with a pair of crushing head locks.

Some girls might have crumbled under the onslaught but Bing continued to wear that big smile on her face and kept coming back at Nikki trying to get on the scoreboard herself.

The action was fast-paced throughout with the girls barely taking a breather between submissions - such was their keenness to fight and keep the crowd entertained!

And the entertainment was high quality as a result of the skills, stamina, pace in which they were fighting and, of course, the fact that they are both very easy on the eye!

Further submissions came for both girls via head locks, head scissors, arm locks, body scissors and a very cleverly executed arm bar by Bing that saw her smile beam even wider than usual!

In the end, Nikki’s experience did tell and she cemented her reputation but Bing sure pushed her hard and enjoyed her own successes in the contest. We’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future for sure!

Jelly v Leila

The penultimate match of the breathless and fabulous MWC September show was intriguing on so many levels and we and the delighted crowd watching couldn’t wait to watch it unfold.

Lovely Leila was back for her third match of the event (what can we say, the girl loves wrestling and is rather great at it!) while show debutant juicy Jelly was back for her second.

Leila had the advantage in terms of height and weight but Jelly was clearly determined to strut her stuff and prove that size isn’t everything if you have the skills!

This intensity carried over as soon as they locked up with both desperate to try and get the early advantage and exert their superiority over the other. They struggled hard looking for that all important breakthrough.

When it finally looked like Leila was going to overpower her smaller foe, Jelly gritted her teeth and fought back and that just added to the excitement for all of us watching on!

This was intense, determined wrestling from two determined talents and it was great to watch as the advantage shifted back and forth while they searched for that first tap out!

Something had to give though and the first submission eventually came when one of the combatants breast smothered the other one and forced a reluctant tap out.

Of course, like buses, submissions start coming more frequently after you have been waiting for one for a long time and it was head locks, leg scissors and smothers which earned them.

There were plenty of close calls for tap outs along the way too but both Leila and Jelly showed huge endurance and determination not to roll over easily!

By the end of an incredibly hard fought contest, there was a clear winner. Who that was though, you’ll have to download this clip to find out!

Lina v Orsi B

The spectacular MWC September show had delivered a whole load of classic matches and the event finale was a fitting way to close it out!

Legendary Swedish stunner Lina pitted her considerable wits and skill against another hugely talented younger Eastern European in the form of exquisite Orsi B and it resulted in an explosive fight!

Given the talents on show, we knew we were guaranteed lots of skills and exciting wrestling but even we weren’t fully prepared for this battle!

Each time we thought one of Lina or Orsi B were in trouble, they’d fight their way out and turn the tables on their skills opponent - much to the delight of the lucky guys in the audience.

Another thing that has to be celebrated is both ladies have an eye-watering pain threshold level which means they can deal with the punishment being dished out and fight their way out of it. All of this made for a pulsating, exciting contest!

The first submission finally arrived with a perfectly executed and vicious looking head lock that the victim tried to withstand and fight out of but eventually had to succumb to.

Naturally, this didn’t change anything in terms of the flow of this fantastic contest. Both Lina and Orsi B were still going at it hammer and tongs and still keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

This was one of those fights that no-one wanted to see end but seemingly in the blink of an eye, we were in the final round and these two immense talents were still going at it like it was the start of the match!

If anything, they’d both picked up the pace and intensity and made sure they left everything on the mats by the time the final bell rang! This is a must have fight in any wrestling fan’s collection!

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