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Diana v Dolly

Delightful Dolly is relatively new to the scene but her background as a fitness trainer has clearly paid off judging by her gorgeous figure and physique.

But she was given to tough challenge indeed on the MWC mats when she faced off against a fellow exquisite European in the form of the devastating Diana.

At the start, it was clear that both ladies were well up for this challenge and neither wasted any time in getting to grips with one another and doing battle.

And they certainly battled hard as they rolled on the mats, exchanging dominant positions and trying to best one another with scissors or pins during the intense opening minutes.

It was the more experienced Diana though who struck first when she broke Dolly’s dogged resistance and finally forced her to tap out to an arm bar.

Dolly is clearly a tough cookie though and this early setback was never going to deter her from the fight and she battled on enthusiastically.

But eventually Diana’s superior experience and skills started to show as she forced Dolly on to the back foot and earned herself a couple more submissions with an arm lock and a cross body pin.

Diana was clearly enjoying herself now but Dolly wasn’t just going to roll over and lay down for her and she did her level best to get back into the match.

In fact, such was the effort and battling going on between them, they even rolled off the mats at one point while locked together!

Ultimately though, it was Diana who was rolling towards victory as she pulled out the stops in order to overwhelm her smaller rival.

Dolly certainly didn’t disgrace herself and clearly has a bright future in the sport - something even Diana acknowledged at the end of the match!

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