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Lana Destroys Little Dave rematch

Some people really don’t help themselves. Despite what their own vast experience tells them, they just never listen.

Chicken Boy Dave is such a person. Not content with getting obliterated by American beauty Lana in their first encounter, he decides that he needs to challenge her again - this time in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

There she is, minding her own business just stretching in the middle of the ring when he confidently marches in - wearing his “Macho Man” pants - and tells her he is going to win this time.

Naturally, Lana laughs at him. Especially when he declares that this is his ring. But the entertainment gets better and better for luscious Lana once she gets to grips with him and sets about taking him apart once more.

Within a minute she’s using one of the ropes of “his ring” to start choking him out and, even at this early stage, Dave is probably regretting his decision to come for a rematch!

Of course, the serious wrestling moves bring about easy submissions in her favour in no time at all and they bring about easy cries of agony from Chicken Boy.

Lana executes them perfectly - whether they be vicious arm locks, grapevine pins, foot smothers, body and head scissors, choke holds and often a combination of some of these!

When he does tap out (which is very regularly throughout the match), she makes him tap hard and ensures his submission is heard far and wide.

There is no relief or respite for Chicken Boy Macho Man as Lana just keeps up the level of attacks with the same intensity from start to finish.

Lana is gloriously brutal right to the end and she even puts Dave to sleep to put an emphatic full stop at the end of this story. Her victory pose is as cool as it is deserved!

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