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Ina Black v Nina Hiss Squash Match

Sultry Spaniard Nina is enthusiastic and can light up any place with her glorious smile and positive demeanour.

But when we pitted her against the intimidating legend that is Ina Black, we’re pretty sure that smile and enthusiasm faded very quickly!

To her credit though, Nina is actually up for the test and despite Ina mocking her and telling her what she is in for, Nina remains confident and determined to give a good account of herself and upset the odds.

Sadly for Nina, Ina is also in a determined and confident mood and wastes no time at all I getting her smaller foe in a headlock, expertly flipping her to the mats and then getting on top to start her demolition job!

When a head scissor forces Nina to tap early, Ina isn’t impressed and keeps it locked on - challenging her opponent to show her how strong she and to try to escape.

Nina is unable to shift the immovable object though and things just go from bad to worse as Ina taunts her, even stands still and lets her try to get some offensive moves on her before dismissively throwing her back down.

As good and strong as Nina is, she is simply no match for the Bulgarian bulldozer and she finds out just how much Ina has in her locker the hard way.

Ina gets her in arm bars, grapevine pins, body scissors, head locks, face sits, figure four locks and, on many occasions, Nina finds herself totally squashed and out of her depth!

Nina won’t ever find herself being woman-handled in this way against most people but Ina quite simply isn’t like most people!??

We would say the end is a merciful release for Nina but Ina is as brutal at the end as she was during the whole match! She thoroughly enjoys her victory pose over Nina’s prone body!

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