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Dolly v Little Dave - rematch

Only Chicken Boy Dave can explain his life choices because we are constantly left scratching our heads as to why he challenges girls to rematches after getting destroyed first time around.

This time, Dolly is minding her own business doing some exercises in Monica’s Ring of Pain when little Dave storms into the ring to tell her she got lucky last time and that he was “king of the ring”!

She is quite taken aback to see him back for more but she’s hardly the sort of girl who’s going to pass up an opportunity to kick a weak little man’s ass when he gets in her face, giving it large about how he’s going to beat her!

It takes less than a minute before his plan starts unravelling when Dolly puts him in a rather nifty grapevine pin and breast smother combination!

It’s only the start and things are already looking grim for Chicken Boy, particularly his head which is soon being squeezed to the point of popping in between Dolly’s powerful thighs.

She wears a half-smile on her face as she sets about putting him through the wringer, whether it be head locks, arm bars, throwing him around the ring, kneeing him in the belly or trapping him in a variety of different pins.

Dave curses, he screams, he submits at alarmingly quick intervals as he realises he is hopelessly out of his depth once more. Not that this bothers Dolly in any way, of course. She just relentlessly devours her prey again and again, leaving him regretting his desire for a rematch.

Unsurprisingly, Dave is barely conscious at the end and it is Dolly who celebrates a job well done over his prone body. With a little kick and a smirk to go with it of course!

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